Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned robotics company focusing on independent research and development, production and sales of consumer-grade and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. It has been interviewed and reported by well-known media such as CCTV News Network for many times. It is the first company in the world to openly retail high-performance quadruped robots, and its sales have been leading in the world over the years.

Unitree Robotics has excellent leadership in the comprehensive fields of robot core components, movement control, and robot perception.

Unitree Robotics attaches great importance to independent research and development and technological innovation. The motor, reducer, controller, complete machine structure, and most of the sensors of the quadruped robot have been independently developed. It has the most patents related to quadruped robots in China. With more than 100 patents and more than 80 authorized patents, it is a national high-tech certified enterprise.

Cultural Concept

The implication of the word "Unitree" is that it is a science and technology tree. The team of Unitree Robotics hopes to constantly develop innovative products to promote the change of the world.

With the mission of "lighting up the science and technology tree of the world", we are committed to working with customers and partners to promote the healthy and healthy development of the industry through leading products and continuous innovation of technical capabilities, so that the future quadruped robot can "be intelligent, versatile and understand you better", cover the new era of human life in the whole scene, and make people's work and life more convenient, comfortable and efficient.

Social Contributions

After a decade of self-developed algorithm precipitation, Unitree Robotics has excellent movement stability and performance. In the dynamic walking cluster dance performance of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala and the hot dance performance of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Unitree Robotics has vividly demonstrated the algorithm progressiveness of Unitree Robotics, and constantly refreshed the innovative experience at the consumer and professional levels.

Unitree Robotics has been promoting the industrial landing application of high-performance quadruped robots since 2017, and has been widely used in agriculture and industry, as well as providing strong support in specific security patrol, exploration, public rescue, medical and epidemic prevention escort, and other heavy industry levels.

Human beings may be the passers-by of the universe, but science and technology must be eternal.

The beautiful things are very appealing, but the whole industry has rarely changed the status quo and has been imitating, but this is not our goal. We firmly believe that innovation is the cornerstone of enterprise development and look forward to working together with every like-minded person! Over the past six years, Unitree Robotics has continued to enrich its product line, improve its product performance, continue to promote the construction and improvement of its existing production line, deeply tap into the market of quadruped robot racetrack 2B and 2C, and at the same time, after a multi-dimensional growth path, expand from quadruped robot to intelligent fitness racetrack, making people's work and life more convenient, comfortable, and efficient. Unitree Robotics always firmly believes that to become a leader in a subdivided industry and drive the high-quality development of the entire industry and China's economy is the mission entrusted to each of us by the times! We look forward to starting a new journey of "technology changes the world" with the strength of the group! This is a road that is more and more not lonely, but more and more stable. Because of the development of science and technology, the technology that was out of reach has already entered the homes of ordinary people. We want to keep the beauty of each day in our lives, and we want to use the needs of people's livelihood to drive Chinese science and technology to the world, to light up one human science and technology tree after another!

Year of 2022

On February 4th, 2022, 109 Go1 robot dogs were lined up in the words 'Winter Olympics' and appeared as a representative of Hangzhou city in the opening ceremony of 'Winter Olympics'; On February 15th, 2022, in CCTV's Lantern Festival Gala, two B1 robot dogs put on tiger shells, and together with Bing Dwen Dwen, as CCTV's special staff, they became 'tiger' and performed on the stage with many actors.

On April, 2022, The Unitree fitness PUMP is solemnly launched. Its core power is derived from the robot joint force control technology, enabling a short-term, efficient, and scientific fitness mode anytime, anywhere; Black technology has helped the nationwide fitness boom, officially promoting intelligent sports fitness into a new era, and making intelligent digital fitness a relaxed and scientific lifestyle!