Go1 Battery

Fast Charging、Long Endurance

Provide Strong Power to Your Robots

High Quality, Enduring

GO1 adopts intelligent battery management system to intelligently monitor battery capacity and cell status.

Provides stable energy output and accurately calculates the remaining power time to escort use.

Six fold protection and safety guarantee

Capacity 6000mAh The maximum charging power can reach 151.2W
  • Temperature protection

  • The overcharge protection

  • Discharge protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Over voltage protection

  • Under voltage protection

Go1 Robot Battery

Standard Version

Long Endurance Version

  • Battery Type
    Polymer Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Weight
  • Charge Limit Voltage
  • Model
  • Rated Capacity
    6000mAh 133.2Wh
  • Size
  • Maximum Charge Power