Terms and Policies

The After-Sales Policy only applies to Unitree products you purchased for your own use, not for resale.
1. The warranty period for a product starts on the day a product is received.
2. Any maintenance due to non original product design and manufacturing will be charged accordingly. Meanwhile, Unitree does not entrust or authorize any third party to repair its product. If there is any after-sales service requirements, please contact us directly.
3. If you use this product for second development, please back up and save your data before you want to get the after-sales warranty, so as to make sure your data is secure.
4. While you gets r the after-sales service, Unitree will have full and free rights to connect your equipments and provide the necessary after-sales service support.
5. When the warranty service involves the replacements of the product components, the replaced product or part will become the property of Unitree, and the replacement product or part will be your property. Only unaltered Unitree products and parts can be eligible for replacement.
6. Replacement products or parts may not be entirely new, but we guarantee that they will all be in good working order and its performance is functionally equivalent to the original components. The new product components enjoy the same warranty during the warranty period of the original product.

The following conditions will not be covered by warranty policy:

Damages caused by non-quality reasons or not following to the instructions, which includes unauthorized modification, dismantling, installation, improper use, loading, self repair, renovation, operations in a strong magnetic field and strong interference, rainy days, power shortage and other adverse circumstances.

Instructions for return / exchange

We do not offer the return / exchange requirements for Laikago machines.
When you have bought a non complete machine product, you can apply for a return if it is damaged and the product packaging is complete as well as specifications and accessories are available within 7 calendar days since you received the goods; if Unitree complete machine products you buy has self manufactured performance faults, damages by transportation or other inconsistent situation according to the original product description, you can apply for return / exchanges in fifteen natural working days.

According to Unitree non complete machine products, we have the rights to refuse your requests for returns or exchanges. The following cases will not be allowed to be returned:
× When the return / exchanges requirements arouse in the day exceeding the above specified time since you received the goods;
× When the product is damaged or its packaging, instructions and other fittings are incomplete or damaged;
× When the products are damaged by manual dismounting, transformation, operations not according to the instructions and other incorrect use; × When it is not Unitree original genuine goods or unable to provide legitimate purchase documents;
× When the products are damaged due to non resistance factors such as floods, fires, traffic accidents, lightning strikes and so on;
× When the products are in errors or damaged by any third party products;
× When you have not sent the relevant product objects within the limited time after you have contacted Unitree and confirmed the return/exchange service;
×When the policy is adjusted.

The quadruped robot is a pioneering product currently, and the use of it is complex and difficult to define. Therefore, the above customer service policy may not be the latest or the most comprehensive one. If you want to know the more about Unitree’s complete customer service policy, you can contact us.

Restrictions of liabilities

The Unitree is responsible for the loss or damage of the product only in the following circumstances: the product has been owned by Unitree or the product is damaged through transportation.
The Unitree will not be responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data contained in the product, including confidential information, proprietary information or personal information.
For the following, 1) the third party claims against you for damages; 2) your data is lost, damaged or leaking; 3) special, incidental, punitive ,indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost business profits, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings. Whether any reliefs in this provision could reach its fundamental purpose, and whether the claim is contract, warranty, negligence, strict liability or other liability based on the theory, Unitree will not be responsible for them. There is no exception even if the possibility of these conditions has been informed. No matter what damage caused by any reasons, all the responsibilities of Unitree and related enterprises, suppliers, distributors or service suppliers are only limited to direct loss you actual suffered, and no more than the amount of money you paid.
The foregoing limitation is not applicable to Unitree’s legally responsibilities for loss compensation in personal injury (including death), as well as real and tangible properties. The Unitree will not take any responsibilities for the damages of the person or other person or the products due to the customer's own handling of the robot.

Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation to the incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not be applied to you.

Unitree will owns final interpretation rights for this after-sales policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions before getting the after-sales service.

This after-sales policy applies to mainland China, and after-sales policies of other countries or regions are subject to the local laws and regulations