Terms and Policies

Disclaimer and warnings in the use of Yushu machine dog series products
Disclaimer and warning
To avoid illegal acts, possible injuries and losses, observe the following provisions:
1. Be sure to read this document and the User Operating Manual carefully for your and legal rights, responsibilities and safety instructions; otherwise, there may cause property losses, safety accidents and personal safety hazards; once using this product, you are deemed to have understood, recognized and accepted all the terms and contents of this document.Be sure to operate in strict accordance with the product use specifications; the user promises to be responsible for his actions and all consequences.
2. This product is not a toy and is not suitable for people under the age of 18.Do not expose children to this product. Please pay special attention in the operation of children;
3. This product should not be used in similar scenarios (interval distance less than 1 meter) such as infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, disabled people, crowded areas. If the above related personnel cause personal damage or property losses, Unitree will not bear all the losses and consequences caused;
4. It is prohibited that this product is strictly prohibited to dismantle or refit without permission, and irregular maintenance. Unitree shall not bear any responsibility for all faults and damage caused by the above behavior;
5. This product is strictly prohibited to operate in an unconventional environment (such as high temperature, extreme cold, chemical corrosion, fire blisters) and other scenarios, and Unitree is not responsible for any faults and damage caused by the above;
6. The fault and risk burden of the components with normal natural loss and battery aging under normal use shall be regarded as the normal use risk of the product, and the Unitree party shall not bear the corresponding consequences and responsibilities;
7. The user undertakes to use the product only for proper purposes and agrees to all the full terms and contents of this document and any relevant policies or guidelines that may be developed by Unitree.Unitree shall not bear all losses and consequences caused by the user's failure to use the product in accordance with this Guidelines and the User Operation Manual;
8. Unitree has the final interpretation of the document in compliance with laws and regulations.Unitree shall have the right to update, revise or terminate this clause without prior notice.