Super Robot

Waterproof Joint: B1-16

“Iron Man” Level Robots
Waterproof Joint Comprehensively Improve the Working Capacity of the Robot

IP68 protection level means that the highest level of dust and water resistance function of this product can allow electronic products to cope with uncontrollable variables in more environments such as water and dust, etc., and put forward stricter standards for the overall sealing structure design of the product, product process, and have detailed requirements for material cost and production line planning.

  • Weight
  • Maximum Instantaneous Torque
  • Protection Level

Deep Waterproof,
Just for the Challenge

Only professionals can withstand soaking in water at different depths.

Set protection, professionalism, efficiency, concept in one

Through the extension of the three concepts of protection, professionalism and efficiency, the robot can better enter the complex environment and expand the application possibilities of the robot in more scenarios. More flexible, more convenient, and more efficient robots can slowly enter a rich variety of specific industrial scenarios and gradually realize the development of semi-structural environments such as outdoor inspection and agricultural harvesting and even non-structural environments. Look at the big world like a human being. And water and dust protection is undoubtedly a crucial start.

B1-16 Super Robot Waterproof Joint

  • Weight
    Maximum Instantaneous Torque
  • Protection Level
    Working Voltage
  • Torque Constant
    Communication Mode
    RS 485
  • Communication Control Period
  • Motor Encoder Resolution
  • Motor Sensing Feedback
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Temperature
  • Motor Control Instruction
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping