Unitree B2-W

Go Further with Higher Efficiency

Pioneer Technology Leading the Intelligent Future

Brand New Intelligent Species

Flexible Moving over All Terrains

  • Highly Dynamic Motion

    Self-developed high-performance joints that fully utilize the superior movement capabilities of complex structures.

  • Traveling on stairs, slopes, and barricades

    Combines perceptual and motor control to maintain balance and cope with a variety of different discrete terrains.

  • Crossing grass, stone and gravel paths

    Stabilizes walking on rough surfaces through the rapid and synergistic response of multiple leg joints.

Superior Endurance and High Efficiency

  • 20 km/h [1]

    Maximum speed

  • 50 km [2]

    Maximum endurance with 40kg load

  • 100 kg [3]

    Maximum horizontal pulling force

  • 50 N.m

    Maximum wheel torque

  • 57 rad/s

    Maximum wheel speed

  • 225 mm

    Wheel Diameter

Unitree B2-W

Brand New Intelligent Species