Intelligent Fire-fighting System

Help protect fire-fighting safety, so that rescuers are no longer in danger!

How can quadruped robots help
upgrade the intelligent fire rescue industry?

  • Quick Response
    Deploy quickly, act quickly,
    and gain the initiative for mission operations.
  • Long-range Reconnaissance
    Possess long-distance reconnaissance capabilities, grasp the overall situation on the scene, and provide an important basis for scientific decision-making.
  • Safety & Reliability
    Fearless of all kinds of dangerous environments,
    go deep into the front line to perform various key tasks.

Application Scenario

It has excellent offensive and defensive capabilities, and has full-range combat capabilities both outside and inside the fire field.

Walking Fire Guard

  • Investigation
    Assist fire fighters to quickly understand the situation at the disaster site, replace fire fighters to complete investigation operations in dangerous environments, and escort fire rescue work.
  • Emergency
    Fully grasp the on-site information, obtain the real-time pictures of the scene through the 360 camera, provide information support for timely emergency decision-making, and obtain key rescue information.
  • Search
    The laser radar scans the surrounding environment in real time, collects the sound of the scene, and detects the vital signs by infrared, making the search and rescue work more intelligent and providing support for the rescue work.
  • Rescue
    The mission must reach, through dangerous environments, remote control buttons and other switches, to protect the safety of people's lives and property.
  • Drill
    Participate in fire drills, during which the robot helps transport rescue supplies, helps people understand the details of the drill site, and realizes the communication between people and trapped people through its intercom function.