To avoid unnecessary losses, please read the after-sales terms and warranty notices carefully before contacting for maintenance.
Maintenance service
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Terms and Policies
Please carefully read the after-sales terms for the warranty policy and principle.

About Warranty

※ After you purchase the complete machine and other related products, the warranty starts from the day you receive the product.
※ If the Unitree product you purchased is out of warranty, you can also get help and support by purchasing a separate service.
※ The warranty will be invalid directly if following behaviors happen without Unitree Robotics permission: unauthorized modification, unauthorized disassembly, and shell opening, etc.

Maintenance Condition

According to the specific situation, we will provide corresponding maintenance or parts replacement for the Unitree product you purchased. But the following cases are not covered by the free warranty:
1. Beyond the warranty period.
2. Damage caused by improper use by the user (such as falling, squeezing, immersion, violent use, etc.).
3. Product malfunction caused by the usage of non-original accessories.
4. Factitious damage which is not product quality problem.
5. Product damage caused by behaviors such as unauthorized modification, disassembly, shell opening, etc.
6. Damage caused by incorrect installation, usage, and operation not in accordance with the product brochure.
7. Damage caused by self-maintenance or replacement of the parts without official instruction.
8. Damage caused by circuit modification, incorrect operation of battery pack and charger in no accordance with official product brochure.
9. Damage caused by the manipulation in severe environments including but not limited to intense electromagnetic interference, rain, sand weather, wetland, complex geological circumstances, etc.
10. Damage caused by the manipulation in condition of sharp terrain, severe fluctuation, etc.
11. Damage caused by manipulating the robot on the ground with very low friction such as ice surface, glass surface.
12. Damage caused by tumble or fall when manipulating robot on level ground.
13. Damage caused by collision between robot and people or object in complex environment.
14. Damage caused by manipulation in the case of mutual interference with other wireless devices, such as Wifi signal interference, electromagnetic interference, etc.
15. Damage caused by overloading in the case of exceeding the safe load bearing capacity.
16. Damage caused by various violence or non-violence imposed on the robot which reaches its anti-interference limit.
17. Damage caused by unauthorized usage of non-original battery packs to power the robot.
18. Damage caused by compatibility and reliability issues when using the third-party product simultaneously.
19. Damage caused by forced operation with damaged and aging components.
20. Damage caused by insufficient discharge when the power is insufficient or using battery packs with quality problems.
21. The product was not delivered within the stipulated time after contacting Unitree to confirm the warranty service.
22. Hitting with hard objects, fall, obvious collision marks and scratch marks on robot surface caused by misoperation.
23. There are obvious invasion traces of dust, gravel, water, metal powder in the robot.
24. There are obvious water stains on the surface and inside of the robot and corrosion marks on components and circuit boards due to the use in humid environment.
25. In the developer mode, the users use their own programs to develop high-level or low-level robots, causing damage to robots. Including: for example, during high-level development, the users carry their own vision system to control the robot to move, resulting in damage caused by the robot hitting sharp objects or falling from a high place; For example, when the bottom layer is developed, the damage is caused by the user-controlled motor hitting the joint limit or generating other impacts or high-speed vibration of the motor.

Other Detailed Rules

1. When you send the product to Unitree Robotics, you need to bear the postage cost first.
2. After receiving the defective products, you need to guarantee, Unitree Robotics will test the products to determine the problems and responsibilities. If it is a quality defect of the product itself, Unitree Robotics will be responsible for the cost of testing, materials, labor and express delivery.
3. If the tested product does not meet the free maintenance conditions, you can choose to pay for maintenance or return the original machine, and you will be responsible for the courier fee for the original machine.
4. If the problem of the product exceeds the warranty scope, we will charge the corresponding inspection fee, replacement part fee, test fee, labor fee and transportation fee according to the specific problem.
5. Product maintenance may cause data loss. Please backup your data first.
6. Please do not return the seriously damaged battery packs; If you have already sent them back, Unitree Robotics will scrap the battery packs and will not return them.
If you have any questions about the warranty service of Unitree Robotics, please contact us.