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Unitree 4D LiDAR L1

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The industry's first omnidirectional ultra-wide-angle bionic 4D laser radar
In order to accelerate high-performance mobile robots into the public life of the goal. Unitree Robotics released the latest bionic 4D Lidar L1 to accelerate the process of the era of mobile intelligence. Take technological innovation as the cornerstone to optimize and improve the process and cost. L1 has omnidirectional ultra-wide-angle scanning capability, minimal blind area and stable operation to enable infinite scenes.
  • 360°×90°

    Ultra-wide-angle scanning

  • 0.05m [1]

    Near blind spot

  • 30m

    @90% reflectivity

  • 21600points/s

    Effective frequency

  • 230g


  • 75×75×65mm

    Compact size

360° × 90°
Omnidirectional ultra-wide angle scanning

Replacing traditional LIDAR sensing solution,
Achieving the same effect,
with less than 1/10 of the price

Open Source SLAM solution available
SLAM based on Unitree 4D LiDAR L1, only use its pointcloud & built-in IMU, do not use other positioning sensors.(Click to download resources)

Completely meets the needs of small, conventional mobile robots in applications.

The top-of-the-line automotive-grade LiDAR generates a point cloud density of approximately 1.5 million points/s. At speeds of up to 200 km/h (55 m/s), the corresponding point cloud density is only 27,000 points/s when traveling 1 meter (and this is in scenarios that involve personal safety).

In contrast, small conventional mobile robots typically move at speeds far below 1 m/s. When equipped with L1 LiDAR, the corresponding point cloud density when traveling 1 meter is comparable to that of an automotive-grade system. Therefore, the point cloud density of the L1 LiDAR system is more than adequate for the needs of small and medium-sized mobile robot applications.

Dynamic scanning of the whole house
L1 can quickly and accurately obtain the 3D structural information of the entire house, which facilitates the positioning and autonomous navigation of mobile robots. It can also help robots expand more diverse functions such as whole-house cleaning and organization.
Non-repetitive static scanning
Through omnidirectional ultra-wide-angle non-repetitive scanning, L1 can obtain high-precision and high-density point cloud data, achieving a scan effect at the image level.
Close range dynamic scanning
L1 has ultra-low blind area, the minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m, easy to realize close detection and recognition
Believe in Light Unitree L1 is not afraid of challenges
  • Ultra Wide Angle
    Large omnidirectional FOV (field of view)
  • Compact size
    Compact size 75×75×65mm
    Weighs only 230g for more flexible installation
  • Highly transparent object detection (glass)
    Can detect under complex lighting conditions,
    suitable for a wider range of applications.
    *The scanning effect differs under different angles and radar parameters configuration, please refer to the actual.
  • Anti-ambient light
    Effective resistance to indoor ambient light and outdoor glare interference.
    Achieve stable ranging and high accuracy map building under 100Klux outdoor light.
Recommended deployment scheme
Typical robot installation example: Logistics and warehousing
Unitree 4D LiDAR L1
King of Utility
  • Unitree L1

    From $349

  • A depth camera


  • A wide-angle 3D radar


Parameter comparison
  • Product
    Unitree L1
    A depth camera
    A wide-angle 3D radar
  • FOV
    360° × 90°
    86° × 57° (土3°)
    120° × 75°
  • Non-repetitive scanning
  • Scanning method
    Non-contact brushless rotating mirror scanning
    Global shutter
    Solid or quasi-solid state scanning
  • Data reception processing CPU consumption

    ( Additional cost for user )

    Extremely low
  • Scanning distance
  • Nearby blind area
  • IMU
    3-axis acceleration+ 3-axis gyroscope
  • Power
  • Size mm
  • Weight
    About 100g
    About 500g
  • Operating environment
    Indoor/outdoor(close range)
  • Technology
    Laser TOF
    Infrared binocular
    Laser TOF
Product Model
  • Model

    L1 PM

    (Precision Measurement)

    L1 RM

    (Remote Measurement)

  • Price

    From $349

  • Scanning distance

    20m(@90% reflectivity)

    10m(@10% reflectivity)

    30m(@90% reflectivity)

    15m(@10% reflectivity)

  • Measurement accuracy


  • Nearbyblind area


  • Sampling frequency


  • Effective frequency


  • Circumferential scanning frequency


  • Vertical scanning frequency


  • Communication interface


  • IMU

    3-axis acceleration +3-axis gyroscope

  • Human eye safety level

    Class 1(IEC60825-1:2014) Human eye safety

  • 4D data

    3D position +1D grayscale

  • Anti-glare capability


[1]: Radar accuracy decreases at close range detection.

*Note: The above parameters, in different business scenarios, different radar parameters configuration, etc., vary in the application, please refer to the actual prevailing.

*This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

*Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.