A1 Motor

Stable and Efficient, Maintenance Convenient

Ultra-thin design Fuselage

Extreme-optimized Planetary Reducer

Multi-functional small Fuselage weight 605g

  • Strong Power

  • Highly Integrated

  • Crossed Roller Bearing

  • Temperature, Position Sensor

  • Low Copper Consumption Coil

Instant Burst of Power
It can be adapted to a variety of large-load machinery and equipment such as foot robots, with greater torque and more stability. The output maximum torque is 33.5N.m,
which easily achieves a powerful instantaneous explosive force, and the maximum joint speed of 21rad/s makes the instantaneous speed beyond imagination.
High-quality Electromagnetic Wire and Iron Core Process

The electronic wire adopts dip paint technology to better dissipate heat from the motor temperature.

The winding of a single strand of copper wire reduces copper wear and reduces the current interference between copper wires while making the motor more beautiful.

The iron core has electrophoresis and high-temperature coating process that can pass the 48 hours salt spray test with the superior rust resistance and pressure resistance.

The imported 0.2 mm silicon steel sheet material is selected to reduce iron consumption.

Highly Integrated
Set the motor body and the controller in one, minus cumbersome connecting lines, plug to achieve plug and play quick disassembly structure design,
easier maintenance, closed design, to avoid debris into the motor inside.

Oversized Industrial Grade Crossed Roller Bearings

Resistant to axial impact, high precision, and long life.

Real-time Reading of Sensor Data

Motor Sensing Feedback:
Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Temperature

Motor Control Instruction:
Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping

Optimize the Magnetic Circuit Design
Improve the utilization rate of magnetic flux, and sinusoidalize the reverse potential, low Cogging Torque.
Motor Streamline Diagram
Thousands time of motor streamline calculations guarantee the stability and reliability of the motor in any state of motion.
Temperature Monitoring Sensor
The motor has its own temperature monitoring sensor to effectively prevent the motor from being damaged due to temperature abnormalities.
FOC Control Characteristic Plot
FOC control, low torque ripple, low noise, smoother operation.
  • InputDCCurrent(A)
  • RSpeed(rpm)
  • OutputPower(W)
  • Efficiency(%)

A1 Motor

  • Weight
    Maximum Instantaneous Torque
  • Maximum Joint Rotate Speed
    Working Voltage
  • Torque Constant
    Commutation Mode
    RS 485
  • Communication Control Period
  • Motor Encoder Resolution
  • Motor Sensing Feedback
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Temperature
  • Motor Control Instruction
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping

* This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

* Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.