Bionic Robot Joint Motor

Flexible Adaptive Joints

  • Strong Driving Force

  • Highly Integrated

  • Precision Bearing

  • Temperature Sensor and Position Sensor

  • Low Copper Consumption Coil

  • High-speed Communication

The GO-M8010-6 permanent magnet synchronous motor is designed for high-performance robots and provides a strong driving force with a high level of integration.
The motor is perfectly matched to the reduction. It has a built-in FOC control algorithm, a built-in temperature sensor and an absolution value encoder.
It can be widely used in various robot joints and power components.
It is the first choice for robot competitions, DIY creation, scientific research and education, robotics field, etc.

Brushless High Speed Motor Strong Driving Force, Longer Service Life
FOC Control Characteristics Graph
It provides stronger driving force. The maximum torque of 23.7 NM and the maximum speed of 30 rad/s can be reached at a reduction ratio of 6.33 (Note: Measured at 24°C).
  • InputDCCurrent(A)
  • RSpeed(rpm)
  • OutputPower(W)
  • Efficiency(%)
Excellent in Black Technology——Professional Magnetic Circuit Design
Improve the flux utilization, sine the counter electric potential, low Cogging Torque
Stable with High Performance——Motor Streamline Calculation
Motor Streamline Diagram
Thousands of times of motor streamline calculation ensure the stability and reliability of the motor in any moving state
Intelligent with Real Strength——Temperature Monitoring Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Sensor
The motor comes with its own temperature monitoring sensor which can effectively prevent the motor from being damaged due to abnormal temperature
High-quality Windings and Stators

The electronic wire adopts dip paint technology to better dissipate heat from the motor temperature.

Single-strand winding reduces resistance loss and reduces the current interference between copper wires while making the motor more beautiful.

The stator has electrophoresis and high-temperature coating process that can pass the 48 hours salt spray test with the superior rust resistance and Insulation performance.

The 0.2 mm silicon steel sheet material is selected to reduce iron consumption.

GO Motor

  • Model
    About 530g
  • Maximum Current
    Maximum Rotational Speed
    30rad/s (@24VDC)
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Maximum Torque
    Torque Constant
  • Communication Mode
    Communication Baud Rate
  • Communication Control Frequency
    Motor Encoder Resolution
  • Operation Environment
    -5℃ ~ 40℃
    Working Voltage
    12V~30VDC 24VDC recommend
  • Motor Perceptual Feedback
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Temperature
  • Motor Control Instruction
    Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping

* This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

* Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.