Perfect Synergy

Mobile Platforms Adaption
Diversified Application Scenarios

  • Compact & Lightweight

  • Dexterous & Flexible

  • Sufficient Payload

  • Sufficient Accuracy

  • Support Joint Force Control

  • With Collision Protection

Open Programming Interface and Extended Interface
The manipulator control program and control interface will be successively opened, and different actuators can be quickly replaced at the end of the manipulator.


Various mobile robots’ onboard manipulator, e-commerce logistics, new consumption, daily life, etc.

  • Backlash ~6 arcmin
  • Communication Method RS 485
  • Maximum Torque 33N·m
  • Encoder Resolution 15bit
  • Weight 405g
  • Force Control Accuracy ~0.2N·m
  • Size Φ65*52mm
  • Control Frequency 1KHz
  • Reducer Harmonic Reducer
  • Bearing Industrial grade cross roller
  • Reduction Ratio 60+
  • Motor Sensing Feedback Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity
  • Voltage 24V(Recommend)
  • Motor Control Command Torque, Angle, Angular Velocity, Stiffness, Damping
It can cooperate with
Aliengo or B1 Robot
and other mobile robots,
to complete complex tasks and explore various
application scenarios.


  • Model Z1 AIR Z1 PRO
  • DOF 6 Axis 6 Axis
  • Weight 4.3kg 4.5kg
  • Payload 2kg ≥3kg
  • Reach 740mm 740mm
  • Repeatability [1] ~0.1mm ~0.1mm
  • Power Supply Voltage 24V Current > 20A Voltage 24V Current > 20A
  • Interface Ethernet Ethernet
  • User Operating System Ubuntu Ubuntu
  • Power MAX 500w MAX 500w
  • Force Feedback and Collision Detection Provide Provide
  • Control Interface [2] Position + Force Control Position + Force Control
Joint Range Max Speed
Joint Parameters
  • J1 ±150° 180°/s
  • J2 0-180° 180°/s
  • J3 -165°-0 180°/s
  • J4 ±80° 180°/s
  • J5 ±85° 180°/s
  • J6 ±160° 180°/s

[1] It depends on the actual test according to the use requirements (the test standards of manipulator vary greatly, and the accuracy varies greatly under different test conditions).

[2] Since the reduction ratio used by each joint is relatively low, the position control stiffness of the whole machine is low. If the control mode is not optimized, there will be large position control error and shaking when the manipulator moves.

[3] This product is a civilian robot. We kindly request that all users refrain from making any dangerous modifications or using the robot in a hazardous manner.

[4] Please visit Unitree Robotics Website for more related terms and policies, and comply with local laws and regulations.